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    FASTclicks UK is located in Telehouse Europe on a 100Mbps connection for maximum speed access to all UK sites. The software that runs FASTclicks UK is especially written for the job - it's not some Perl scripts sitting behind a web server - it is a web server!

    UK Focused

    By being aimed directly at UK web sites, the adverts that are displayed on your site are more likely to be relevant to the reader. Likewise, when your ads show on someone else's web page, they are more likely to click on them, earning more visitors to your site.

    Click Through Credits

    As well as awarding half a credit for every banner you display (each credit means that your advert will be displayed on another web site), we also award a full credit for each time someone clicks on an advert displayed on your page. In addition to this, we also run Click-Through Groups.


    The last thing you want appearing on your web page is a broken graphic. FASTclicks UK is backed by one of the UK's leading ISPs, Nildram Ltd. With a backbone up-time of greater than 99.9% and constant server monitoring, reliability of the service will not be a worry.


    We provide full statistics on web hits, click-throughs etc. So, if your current web stats are confusing, or you don't have that facility from your ISP, let FASTclicks UK do the job for you.


    Joining FASTclicks UK won't cost you a penny. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the service is completely paid for through commercial advertising.

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