Show File Extensions of Known File Types

Most Windows operating systems, by default, hide the known file extensions in Windows Explorer. This feature can be used by virus writers and hackers to disguise malicious programs as some other file format such as text, video, or audio files. For example, a malicious executable file named “readme.txt.exe" is displayed as "readme.txt" in Windows Explorer. Therefore users are often tricked into clicking the "text" file and will inadvertently execute the malicious file.

To avoid this and be able to change the file we have sent you, change the Windows Explorer setting to "Not hide the File Extension of known File Types."

  1. Start “Windows Explorer” 
  2. Select “Tools” 
  3. Single-click “Folder Options” 

    Do not hide extensions of known file types

  4. Select the “View” tab 
  5. Remove the check mark from “Hide extensions of known file types” 

    Remove check mark