Z88 Quick Guide

PC Link II
from Z88 to PC

  • Connect cable to COM.1 / Z88
  • On PC type C: [ENTER]
  • then CD \PCLINK [ENTER]
  • then type PCLINK [ENTER]
  • On Z88 open []L (reads RUNNING)
  • On PC [ENTER]
  • Z88 Devices - :RAM.1 [ENTER]
  • Z88 Files - (Filename choose) [ENTER]
  • select command [ENTER]
  • PC Files select file transferred [ENTER]
  • select action PD to Wordstar [ENTER]
  • PC Files [ENTER]
  • select file.ws
  • Quit [ENTER]
  • Quit [ENTER]
  • (name of file) C:\PCLINK\*.ws [ENTER]
  • (name of output) C:\WP\(filename).WP [ENTER]
  • WP [ENTER]
  • Shift F10 (Retrieve) (filename).WP [ENTER]
  The above instructions describe using PC Link II to transfer files and then to convert them from PipeDream and use them with Word Perfect.  


[ENTER] = the PC return key or the Z88 ENTER key