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Welcome to the 10th edition of our newsletter, (I had a holiday so you missed out on 9!) designed to bring you news of the latest IT products to support your business. This week we focus on Microsoft.
If you are using a dodgy copy of Windows, now is the time to get your very own legal copy because Microsoft are offering a discount for only a few weeks longer.
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Are your Microsoft Software Licenses due for Renewal?

The History
In May 2001, Microsoft introduced version 6 of its volume licensing programmes, which significantly changed the way users upgrade their software as new versions are released. Many upgrade options were deleted in favour of a single upgrade programme, called Software Assurance (SA).

To assist users in the transition to Volume Licensing 6.0 and SA, Microsoft instituted a transition period. This was due to the fact Volume Licensing 6.0 rules dictate that SA, the only upgrade available, may only be purchased at the same time as the full product. The transition period ran from 1st October 2001 to July 31st 2002.

Many of the SAs taken during the transition period which were taken out two years ago are coming up for renewal.

Why choose Software Assurance?
Software Assurance gives organisations access to tomorrow’s technology at today’s price by spreading payments annually. With Software Assurance, you also have access to valuable tools and resources to ensure that you can perform important tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Benefits of Software Assurance
Software Assurance includes a wide range of benefits, including rights to install new versions of software as they are released, home use rights for Office Systems, problem resolution support during business hours and Microsoft's self-paced training courses. Desktop and server offerings include different benefits.

For more information on the benefits of Software Assurance including its value in today’s business environment please feel free to contact your Microsoft Volume License Reseller.

What should you do next?
If you have SA or are contemplating the purchase of SA it is essential that you immediately review the features of the new programme and calculate the return on investment (ROI) before making any purchasing decisions.

If you are contemplating SA you should also review in-process Microsoft projects to determine if the benefits of SA can assist with these project efforts. Windows PE, for example, can facilitate the installation and/or migration of a new Windows release initiative. E-learning materials can help with training requirements for an Office 2003 installation project.

If you did not choose Software Assurance previously you should review the offering again to see if the benefits of the programme will outweigh the cost of the coverage. For most users, the financial impact will be positive. You should also consider the financial impact of the programme outside IT. For most users, there will be a positive business impact.

The suite of benefits in Software Assurance is broad enough, and flexible enough, to appeal to companies of all sizes. However, because the needs of each business are different, you should evaluate the benefits available to you and craft an individual programme that best suits your needs.

Check your current Microsoft licenses and ascertain if any are due to expire now or over the next few months. If your agreement is due for renewal soon, act now to ensure you capitalise on the benefits of Software Assurance .

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