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Wednesday, 24-Jul-2024 05:03:41 BST




Thanks for super-prompt delivery of Zire 21 - already proving very useful. Regards, Morton Davis

Rakewell has been around since 1986!

With prices moving and products changing all the time, there is no chance keeping completely up with it all, but we are trying to!

There are two ways you can find what you want.

Our quick reference guide listing the top 25 manufacturers can be obtained here,

Click here to go to our Product Info page


or there is a full manufacturers list with what they do and links to their Home pages.

If you are looking for BBC BASIC, please select the BBC BASIC section.

Please send us an e-mail with the manufacturers part number and we will give you an 'up-to-date' price.

We also produce a copy of our latest Newsletter on the Web.

We only stock items that we have found useful over the years or have had fun using!

Zire 21 - £79 inc VAT

Zire 21

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Manufacfures List


3com Acer Adaptec Adobe ADS Technologies Agere Systems
Allied Telesyn Alps Amacom Antec Apc Apple
ARCHOS Europe Asustek Belkin Benq Bonnier Borland
Brother BTC Canon Channelsoft / Nextdisk Cisco Compaq
Compucase Computer Associates Corel Creative Labs Crystal Decisions CTX
Dansk Computer D-Link Dynamode Eicon Enterasys Networks Epson
Ergotron Executive Software Fuji Gigabyte Guildsoft Harman Multimedia
Hauppauge Hewlett-Packard IBM Imation infocus intel
Intuit iomega JVC Kane Wireless Kensington Kingston
Kyocera Lexmark LG Electronics Linksys Lite-On Logitech
Lotus Development Maxtor Memorex Microsoft Mobility Electronics Nec/Mitsubishi
Netgear Network Associates Palm Computing palmOne PaloAltoSoftware Philips
Plantronics PowerDsine Pumatech Quark Route 66 Roxio
Sage Crm Solutions Sapphire Technology ScanSoft Seagate Seiko Softwair
Sony Swann Communications Symantec Targus TDK tomtom
Toshiba US Robotics Video Seven Viewsonic Viking Components Wasp bar code
Watchguard Western Digital WRQ Xerox  

3com   Networks and connectivity for business
Acer   Notebooks Handhelds Business PCs Consumer PCs Server Monitor CRT Monitor LCD Projectors
Adaptec iSCSI (IP Storage) | Server Storage | Networking | External Storage | Desktop Connections | Emerging Technologies
Adobe Top Acrobat® Photoshop®

Adobe Software
ADS Technologies USB 1.1, 2.0 - 1394/ Firewire PCI | PCMCIA | Hubs | Scan Converters |
DV Solutions | USB Instant DVD | USB Instant Video | 1394 Drive Enclosures | DV RAID | USB 2.0 Drive Kit
Agere Systems   networks and network communications equipment
 Allied Telesyn
Optical Transport | Layer 3 Switches | Layer 2 to Layer 4 Switches | Layer 2 Managed / Unmanaged Switches | Routers |
Top DSLAMs | Media Conversion and Ethernet Extension |Network Management | Switch/Router OS Software | Hubs | Network Adapters | Wireless | Transceivers | Accessories & Other Products | Residential Gateways | Security Products | VoIP (IP Telephony) | Legacy Products
Alps   Floppy Disk | 1.44 MB | internal 3.5" | Floppy (pack of 20 )
Amacom   Portable ZIP & Hard Drives
Antec Top Enclosures | Rackmounts | Power Supplies | Cooling | Notebook Coolers | LED Fans
Apc   USB | Mobile Phone chargers | UPS
 AppleApple   iPod | Desktops | Portables | Displays | Accessories | Technology
 ARCHOS Europe Top Using this cable, owners of the Jukebox Multimedia 20 can transfer files ultra-fast to and from their PC or Mac computer.
Asustek    Motherboards
Belkin Top • Networking • USB 2.0 • USB • KVM • FireWire IEEE 1394 • Gaming • Cables • Power Protection • Mobile Phone Accessories • Peripheral Sharing • Media Readers ! • Computer Accessories • Laptop Cases • Mac Products • PDA Accessories
Benq    CRT Monitors | LCD Monitors | Projectors | CD-Rom | CD-Rewriter | Digital Camera | DVD-Rom / DVD-RW | Scanners | Media | Broadband Networking
Bonnier  Top Book
Borland    Software
 Brother   printers, faxes, multi-function machines, electronic labelling machines
 BTC   CD ROM Drives
Canon  Top bubblejet, printers, video, camcorder, canoscan, scanner, photocopier, copiers, iR copiers, pagestation, multipass, sureshot, eos, clc, snappy, powershot, eos, photography, digital, cameras
Channelsoft / Nextdisk    USB Disk Channelsoft
Cisco  Top networking equipment, hardware, network management, routers, LAN, WAN, ATM, software, servers, switches, internet, intranet, extranet, ISDN, network security, LAN, wide area network, hubs, token rings, business networks, ethernet, firewalls
Compaq    desktop, workstation, appliance, printer, notebook, handheld, hand held, photography, audio, storage, server, networking, monitor, projector, calculator
Compucase Top Computer cases | fans | USB
Computer Associates    Virus Information Centre Enterprise Management | Storage | Application Life Style Management
Corel  Top wordprocessor, wordperfect, document processor, graphic, graphic image editor, draw, coreldraw, web images, publish, photo editor, photo paint, office automation, internet, clipart, ventura, design, plugin filters
Creative Labs    Sound Audio Technology | Speakers | Web Cameras | Storage | Comms | Graphics | Video |
 Crystal Decisions   Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise and Crystal Analysis.
 CTX   Monitors, LCD, CRT, flat, trinitron, usb, projectors, CD Roms
 Dansk Computer Top Memory
 D-Link   Fast Ethernet Network Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Network Kits, and USB products.
 Dynamode Top Networking Products | 10 BaseT Hubs | 10/100 Switches | Giga Switch | VOIP | Routers | Networking Cards | Print Server | Transceivers, Repeaters | Media Converters | Wireless LAN products | Datacom Products | Modems | PCMCIA PC Cards | USB Products | Cameras | TV-Capture Card | ISDN | ADSL/Broadband | Internet TV Box
 Eicon Top DIVA T/A PC Card - the world's best-selling PC Card ISDN interface card - £85 inc VAT 09-10-2003
 Enterasys Networks   Switching | Routing | VPN | Wireless | Management | IDS | Firewall |
 Epson   printers, digital cameras, scanners, lcd, projector, multimedia, photography,
Ergotron   Computer Furniture | LCD Accessories |
Executive Software  Top diskeeper, undelete, software, desktop, management, defragmentation, data recovery,
 Fuji Top digital cameras,dlt tapes, mini dv, dat, 8mm, zip disks, dvds, cd-rw, audio, video, smartmedia, compactflash, digital printers, digital scanners,
 Gigabyte   Motherboards
Guildsoft    PhoneTools, Fax & Communications software.
Harman Multimedia    jbl, speakers, audio, desktop, multimedia, computer, soundsticks,
 Hauppauge Top TV boards, wintv, Intercast, ATVEF, data broadcast, digital video, video image capture.
 Hewlett-Packard   driver, printer, scanner, pc, software, monitor, server, laserjet, deskjet, officejet, scanjet, computers
 IBM Top Computers | Upgrades, accessories and parts | Printing systems | Storage | Thin clients | Networking Servers | Hard Drives
Imation    CD, DataPlay, Optical, Diskette Tape Storage & Network
infocus    LCD Projectors
 intel Top microprocessors, motherboard, desktop, servers, workstations, landesk, internet phone, computers, videophones, networking equipment, routers, hubs, switches, pc imaging, video conferencing,
 Intuit   Quicken Quickbooks Software
iomega  Top jaz drive, cd rw, zip drive,
JVC    mini notebook
Kane Wireless  Top Car Pilot Plus
Navigation Plus for Palm
Vision Station
Kensington    Trackballs & Mice | Computer Security | Computer Cases | Mobile / Workstation Accessories
 Kingston   Memory
Kyocera  Top Printers
 Lexmark   Printers
 LG Electronics   Monitors | CD-ROM | CD-RW | DVD Writer | Combo Drive |
Linksys  Top Routers | Wireless | Phoneline | Powerline | Switches | Hubs | Network Adapters | Print Servers | KVM | USB | Networking Kits
 Logitech Top Mice | Trackballs | Keyboards | Mouse & Keyboard Combinations | Gaming | Cameras | Speakers
 Lotus Development   domino, lotus notes, notes, sametime, quickplace, smartsuite, domino.doc,
 Maxtor Top SCSI & IDE Hard Drive | Optical Disks
 Memorex   CDRW & DVD Media | Flash Memory | Keyboards | Mice |
Microsoft Top

Software Accounting, CAD, Communications, Conferencing, Database, Desktop Publishing, e-mail, Games, Graphics, Office, Network Management & Utility, O/S, Programming, Reference, Spreadsheet, Time Management, Web Design and WP.

Hardware | Game Pads | Joysticks | Books | Mice | Keyboards | Steering Wheels | Trackballs |

Mobility Electronics Top expansion for desktops and servers, Universal Docking, Monitor Stand, Adapters, USB hubs, USB, firewire, FireWire, PCI expansion, notebook accessories
Nec/Mitsubishi   Monitors
Netgear   Wireless Adapters Routers Hubs Switches Print Servers
Network Associates   Mcafee, antivirus, email server, Network Security, ASaP, PGP, Sniffer Technologies
Palm Computing Top Create a mobile lifestyle with wireless internet and email access for your Palm™ handheld.
palmOne   Palm™ accessories, expansion cards, software and peripherals.
PaloAltoSoftware   Business Plan Pro - The easiest and most powerful way to write a business plan.
Philips Top TFT Monitors
Plantronics   Headsets, Microphones, USB.
PowerDsine   Power over Ethernet Midspans
Integrated PoE
Pumatech Top Intellisync® synchronises data between PC and Palm OS®, Pocket PC, Windows CE, or Symbian Release 5.0-compatible handheld.| Satellite Forms MobileApp Designer
Quark   Desktop Publishing Software
Route 66 Top Navigate Britain 2004 (Serial GPS) | Navigate Europe 2004 (Serial GPS)
Roxio   Easy CD Creator, Toast, Direct CD, Videowave.
Sage Crm Solutions   Time Management & Project Software
Sapphire Technology Top Graphics Cards
ScanSoft   Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional | Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred | OmniPage® | PaperPort® Office | OmniForm® Premium
Seagate Top DAT Drives | DDS Data Cartridges | IDE / SCSI Hard Drives | Tape Drives |
Seiko   Smart Pad | Label Printers | Labels | Thermal Consumables |
Softwair Top ShopFactory, Net Nanny, Travelmanager and U are U Software
Sony   Vaio Computers & Portables | CLIE Handheld | Projectors |
Swann Communications Top | Gel Mouse Mat | Web Cam | Handheld Computer Accessories | USB Hubs | MODEMs | Mouse | Firewire USB PCI PCMCIA Cards | EzyCapture Video Capture | Webcam |
Symantec   Software Comms, Emulation, Fax, Norton, Systemworks, Firewall, Antivirus,
Targus Top To deliver solutions that make mobile technology easier, more productive, and more enjoyable
TDK   CD/RW DVD Disks | DAT Cartridges | 3-1/2" Disks | Flash Memory | Inkjet Glossy Paper | Modem mobile phone connection kits | Bluetooth | Speakers
tomtom Top Navigation, map and guides, Dictionaries and Games software for Palms,
Toshiba Top Monitors Projectors & Accessories | CD/RW | CD ROMs | DVD | Floppy | Memory | Handheld Computers & Accessories | IDE SCSI Hard & Mobile Drives | Keyboards | Wireless LAN | Desktops | Portable Notebooks | & Accessories | Smart Media |
US Robotics   | MODEMs | Networks | Broadband Routers |
Video Seven Top LC Displays | Slim Line | Super Slim Line | CRT Monitors | Plasma | Projectors
Viewsonic   LCD Displays | | CRT & Wireless Monitors | Projectors
Viking Components Top | Flash Memory | Memory |
Wasp bar code   | Barcode scanners | Printers | Portable Data Terminals | Accessories | PoS | Software |
Watchguard Top WatchGuard gives you easily-managed network security solutions that safeguard your critical points and keep you one step ahead of the next threat.
Western Digital   IDE Hard Drives
WRQ Top Emulation Software
Xerox   | Desktop Publishing Software | FAX OCR DOC Imaging Software |
Top | Graphics Cards | Main Boards |
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PC PipeDream
PC version now available
Carry on programming on your PC with v4.81. Demo version on this site.
  Now with Spell Check
Stop converting PipeDream files until you have finished your edits on both the Z88 and PC. Comes complete with keyboard templates.
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Description Price VAT Total
PC PipeDream and Spell Check Manuals 5.00 0.00 5.00

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Take a look at our USB Products

With a USB-equipped computer, users do not have to worry about selecting the right serial port, installing expansion cards or the technical headaches of dip switches, jumpers, software drivers, IRQ settings, DMA channels and I/O addresses.

USB allows for almost limitless peripheral connections. Recent tests, have demonstrated that users can daisy chain up to 127 devices for use on one PC.


The transfer rate on USB is fast: 12Mbps at its maximum rate to a low of 1.5Mbps. That's 100 times faster than ordinary serial port connections and about ten times faster
than connections to a standard parallel port.

There's one type at plug and a one-size-fits-all connector for every peripheral. And with an up-to-date OS, users can swap devices without having to reboot the host PC.

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Please give us a call if you require further information about any of the products we stock or require something that we haven't listed.   Also give us a call if you have a computer related problem and we will do our best to help.
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Company Details
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Vic Gerhardi

Rakewell Limited
24 Putnams Drive
Aston Clinton
HP22 5HH
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t:   +44 (0) 1296 632491
m: +44 (0) 7976 351876
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VAT:GB 443 7864 23
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h: 10:00-20:00 Monday to Friday
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IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is
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