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This week you have the chance to save up to £900.00 with the following Cisco Bundle Offers until July 31st 2004



Cisco Promotion EUP2-270

The Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Router delivers fast, reliable, and secure Internet and network access through various high-speed WAN access technologies. The Cisco 1700 Series offers a comprehensive suite of integrated security capabilities with wire-speed IP Security VPN, stateful firewall protection, and intrusion detection. It also offers a migration path to voice-over-IP and IP telephony services through a converged data and voice network that offers call processing and QoS services. Ideal for enterprise branch offices and small and medium-sized businesses, the Cisco 1700 Series modular design provides the flexibility to meet demanding and evolving business requirements by offering high-speed broadband and leased-line access, comprehensive security, and multiservice data and voice integration.
The Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switch   is a fixed-configuration, stackable standalone switch that provides wire-speed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. This Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switch offers two distinct sets of software features and a range of configurations to allow small, midsize, and enterprise branch offices and industrial environments to select the right combination for the network edge. Standard Image Software offers Cisco IOS Software functions for basic data, voice, and video services. For networks with requirements for additional security, advanced quality of service (QoS), and high availability, Enhanced Image Software delivers intelligent services such as rate limiting and security filtering for deployment at the network edge.
The Cisco PIX 501 is a compact, ready-to-use security appliance that delivers enterprise-class security for small offices and enterprise teleworker environments.
The PIX 501 includes an integrated 4-port Fast Ethernet (10/100) switch and a Fast Ethernet (10/100) interface. Ideal for securing high-speed broadband environments, the Cisco PIX 501 delivers up to 60 Mbps of firewall throughput, 3 Mbps of Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) VPN throughput, and 4.5 Mbps of Advanced Encryption Standard-128 (AES) VPN throughput.
The Cisco PIX 506E is a robust, purpose-built security appliance that delivers enterprise-class security for remote and branch office environments.
The compact desktop chassis of the
Cisco PIX 506E provides two autosensing Fast Ethernet (10/100) interfaces. Ideal for securing high-speed Internet connections, the Cisco PIX 506E delivers up to 100 Mbps of firewall throughput, 16 Mbps of Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) VPN throughput, and 30 Mbps of Advanced Encryption Standard-128 (AES) VPN throughput in a cost-effective, high-performance solution.
Eligible Products List
Bundle 1
Product Description Qty
CISCO1701-K9 Cisco 1701 ADSL Router 1
WS-C2950T-24 Cisco 24 Port Switch 1
Bundle 2
Product Description Qty
CISCO1721-ADSL Cisco 1721 ADSL Router 1
Cisco 24 Port Switch Cisco 24 Port Switch 2 to 6
PIX-501-50-BUN-K9 Cisco PIX 501 1
Bundle 3
Product Description Qty
CISCO1760-V Cisco 1760 VoIP Router 1
WS-C2950T-24 Cisco 24 Port Switch 2 to 10
PIX-506E-BUN-K9 Cisco PIX 506E 1






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