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Saturday, 04-Feb-2023 21:05:00 GMT

BBC BASIC for Windows

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BBC Computer
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How to order

Start your order NOW!

We do not accept any card transactions over the telephone or have a secure connection on our web site.

How to PAY

If you wish to order anything just
  • choose your Method of Payment
    and send us
    • an email, listing the item(s) you are interested in and your contact telephone number (for the delivery company should you place an order) or
    • pick up the phone and tell us that information.
  • we will either 
    • send you a pro-forma invoice listing these items to pay against with on-line banking or BACS or
    • issue a PayPal invoice via email to pay us via PayPal.
  • Your Rakewell invoice will be sent with the goods you have ordered.
We may make this facility available on our web site in the future. These instructions will be updated when this happens.

Tel +44 (0) 1296 632491 Send us an e-mail Our company address

Click on the above icon for further information

Method of Payment

PayPal logo
NOTE: You do not  have to have a PayPal account to use this service, they only act as a collecting agency. You use your credit or debit card as before.

We have opened a PayPal account for payment, as the Bank were going to impose further costs to us to comply with a new standard (PCI DSS) for accepting credit cards.

The advantage to you using PayPal is that we never have sight of your credit card number - this information is only shared between you and PayPal.

PayPal accepts the following cards:
  • VisaVisa ElectronVisa / Delta / Electron
  • MastercardMasterCard / Eurocard
  • PayPal Top-up Card PayPal Top Up Card
  • MaestroMaestro
  • American Express

  • Deb
    it cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

On-line Banking & BACS

Our Banking details for On-line Banking and BACS transfer (are the last item shown on the right-hand side).


for non-urgent orders, cheques (made payable to Rakewell Limited) may be posted to us.

Payment, Credit Cards and Overseas Orders.

Additional information in links.
Note:- rakewell.com is neither recomending or endorsing these services.
xe trade logo
You may find using this service you get a better exchange rate.
Goto their website for more information.
PayPal logo You may use our PayPal service as described above.
We accept payment by cash, cheques drawn on a UK Bank in � sterling (Please ensure that we do NOT occur any Bank charges or costs. ), BACS transfer and VISA & MASTERCARD credit cards.
Bank of England Banks normally assume that we share costs, we don't so if you want to use electronic Banking, make sure that you pay all the costs..


Cheque Guarantee Scheme
was going to be withdrawn
on 30th June 2011

The future of cheques

Overseas Orders

currency converterUse this real-time currency converter to calculate our prices to your local currency.

There is also a hidden Bank charge credit card calculator at this site to work out what the charge was after you have bought the goods.

If you have not got a credit card then using Western Union may be an alternative means of payment. When using this service please provide me Vic Gerhardi with the following details:-
Western Union
First name(s)  
Last name  
Telephone No (Please include Area code)  
Amount sent  
City, state/province, country  
Money transfer Control No.  

Please note that normally the exchange rate is applied when we collect your money. Make sure that you either request that the rate is fixed or allow enough to cover any exchange rate fluctuations.

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BBC Computer
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Description Price VAT Total
BBC BASIC for Windows - IBM PC CD Disk
24.99 5.00 29.99
BBC BASIC for Windows - (5 user licence) 60.00 12.00 72.00
BBC BASIC for Windows - (25 user licence) 130.00 26.00
BBC BASIC (86) for DOS - IBM PC 3.5" 42.55 7.45 50.00
BBC BASIC (86) for DOS - IBM PC 3.5" Now comes FREE WITH BBC BASIC for Windows

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25 years 1981 - 2006

BBC BASIC Articles

BBC BASIC: the people's language

BBC BASIC Internet Links

Richard Russell's BBC BASIC site

Edmund Burke's BBC BASIC tutor



BBC BASIC Discussion Group

BBC BASIC Facebook

BBC BASIC Programmers' Reference


BBC Internet Links

The BBC Lives

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BASIC Internet Links

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Rakewell Limited is not responsible for the content of these internet sites.

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Company Details
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  We ship to other countries - USA - Hong Kong - Europe
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See Price list page for details.
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Company Details
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Vic Gerhardi

Rakewell Limited
24 Putnams Drive
Aston Clinton
HP22 5HH
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t:   +44 (0) 1296 632491
m: +44 (0) 7976 351876
[ image: nothing]e: e-mail: sales@rakewell.com
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co. reg.: 2009194
[ image: nothing]
VAT:GB 443 7864 23
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[ image: nothing]
h: 10:00-20:00 Monday to Friday
...10:00-18:00 Saturday

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Banking Details

NatWest Bank
PO Box 10102
21 Prescot Street
E1 8TN
Name Rakewell Ltd
Bank Code  
Account No, 41866977

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is
GB27 ABBY 0906 6641 8669 77

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