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Notes on Printing

Notes on Printing
Dave Stewart offers advice on different types of Printer and general printer set up. The contents include the following:-

The Z88 Printer Editor

Understanding Character Sets and Printer Codes

Page Layout (The <>0 Command) and Print Test

The PRINT menu

Enhanced Printing Techniques

Printing from other Z88 Applications

Further Reading, Books and Z88 Eprom references.



Printer drivers:

StarJet SJ-48 Bubble Jet Printer (Epson LQ-800 emulation)

Ricoh RP16OOS (Diablo 630 daisy wheel printer emulation)

Canon Bubble Jet BJ-lOe (IBM Proprinter Emulation)

Hewlett Packard IIp (Hewlett Packard series II emulation)

Hewlett Packard IIp (Alternative version mainly for 10 c/in.)

Star SR-l0/15 (Star 9 pin dot matrix printer circa 1984)

Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500



Further Notes on the PrinterEd Bug

Notes on Hewlett-Packard Codes

Price £7.50 softback

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Z88 Real Power Computing

Z88 Real Power Computing
Note from the Author.

I spent about twenty years in sales and marketing, before becoming 'retired' in 1997, at the age of 39 after a company take over. Since when I have been travelling and cobbling my own notes on the Z88 into this book. Several years of my career were spent fighting for British exports, in the front line, notably seven years in Australia where I managed a British subsidiary, and, additionally founded, edited and published a semi-technical periodical over a period of several years, before returning to England for domestic reasons.


During 'time' in Australia I developed an general interest in computers, mainly through my contacts with my good friend Stuart Smith, who worked with a mainframe computer. In those days computers were very expensive and relied a lot on data input through punched cards (a throwback to nineteenth century technology). Since those days things in the computer world have changed a lot, and not the least of these changes, in my opinion, is the introduction of the Z88 computer, which offers real computing power commensurate with the real needs of 'personal' computing, within optimum parameters of weight, size, endurance and ease of use. I hope you find my notes and methods contained in this book of use in the guidance and inspiration of your own applications.


Frank R. Flaig.

Price £11.95 softback

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Printer Drivers for the Z88 7.50 0.00 7.50
Z88 User Guide 17.00 0.00 17.00
`Z88 Real Power Computing' 11.95 0.00 11.95
Z88 Developers Notes 40.00 0.00 40.00

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