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Wednesday, 24-Jul-2024 02:53:25 BST

Z88 Software

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SpeedCost effectivePrice
Software UpdateROM VersionFeatures


There are two manuals
  1. pdf symbol Flashstore User Manual
    (supplied as a text file with the device)

  2. FlashStore (Z88 popdown) Home on the Wiki site

The latest version looks like this.

Flashstore v 1.9.2

The ROM version of Flashstore allows immediate use of ten functions. These are Select Card, Select RAM Device, Catalogue Card Files, Erase file from Card, Save files to Card, Fetch file from Card, Backup & Restore files to and from RAM, Copy all files to Card, Format File Area and Quit.

The bulky mains eraser to format the EPROM is a thing of the past as formatting is done by the Z88 in only ten seconds.

Go to TopSpeed

Flash chip Saving and loading files is now over 48 times faster (thanks to Gunther at InterLogic) than the EPROM pack. The speed is 7.7K/second compared 0.16K/second and using the Flash Card feels just like using a floppy disk drive on a PC.
[Fast operation"]

Compare the speeds:-

Backup Times 1M Flash Card [new] Eazylink EPROM Pack(s)
32K RAM 4.1 secs 1 min 26 secs 3 mins - 20 secs

128K RAM

16.6 secs 5 mins 43 secs 13 mins - 20 secs

512K RAM

1 min - 6.5 secs 22 mins 52 secs 53 mins - 20 secs


2 min - 13 secs 45 mins 44 secs 1hr - 46 mins -
40 secs

Top of PageCost effective

[Cost per Meg with different EPROM packs]

  This card is the best way of storing your working files on the Z88. The price /K is a lot lower than the EPROM packs and now you do not need the EPROM eraser any more. Lost files are a thing of the past once a copy is saved in the Flash Card.

[Cost per Meg with different EPROM packs"]

Top of PagePrice

1M or 512K RAM / 512K Flash Card 55.00 or 59.00 inc. VAT @ 20%

Top of PageSoftware Update

Is the version that you see on your copy of Flashstore? This was used with the old INTEL chip. Update NOW!

Display of an early version of Flashstore

Top of PageROM Version

Applications and files on the same device

The latest ROM version of Flashstore is v1.9.2 (Jan 2011). Unlike ROMs that just had applications on them and EPROMS to store files, Flashstore allows both areas on the same device. The dividing line is determined by the total size of the Applications area in 64K blocks. 

Top of PageLook at these features

  • it is a quick Handy 'Popdown' Application that runs on the Flash Card itself - start it from the INDEX like PipeDream.
  • it allows Applications and files to be stored in the same device.
  • A point and select facility to quickly fetch files (including deleted ones) from Flash and EPROM packs
  • Toggle default file view for all files (including files marked as deleted), or just active files
  • Interactively mark files as deleted (using DEL key on selected item)
  • The RESTORE command is used after the Z88's batteries have gone flat. It fetches all the files, creating the directories the files were in (if used) stored on the Flash Card straight to the RAM device. All you need to do is to make sure you have the latest version of your files on the Flash Card.
  • Graphical display showing space used by deleted and saved files, and the free space left.
Graphical Display
  • Formatting only erases the file area, leaving Applications intact.
  • Supports multiple Flash Cards. Have your RAM in slot 1 and use two Flash Cards in Slots 2 and 3.
  • newCopy all files or individual files, directly from one flash card (or EPROM) to another flash card, without using RAM.
Format Device Screen

Existing users can either use RomUpdate new (recommended) to download the latest software from here or we can do it for you. See the next section.

Top of PageBBC BASIC Version

This BBC BASIC version is no longer supported and only worked with the INTEL chip, but can be downloaded if required old bbc basic program

Old BBC BASIC screen shot

This is what the 1st version looked like.

Flashstore v1.1 Screenshot

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