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Saturday, 15-Jun-2024 21:50:30 BST

Z88 Hardware

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FLASH Card Information


Z88 card showing fixing

It is quite rare in the Z88 world when many things happen at the same time, but they have.

Here is a variant of the Card Case allowing access to the PCB. Not required for the usual Z88 user.

Card Case History

CC Card Case

When Cambridge Computer manufactured the Card Case, they used a mechanical press to squash the top of the 4 plastic pins that held it all together.

This was a cost-effective way, but not necessarily the best solution.

cc card

The Flash cards supplied later used small self tapping screws.

These worked well but occasionally failed leading to “The external card problem.”

Initially, an enterprising Z88 User designed a stronger case using nuts and machine screws. This used the existing Cambridge Computer top part of the case. This was then followed by several designs.

Card Case Mk 1

Card case with no labels

The 2 machine screws here are just at the connector end replacing 2 of the pins, preventing the card from coming apart.

We can supply the following for the older MK 1 design upon request.
  • Cambridge Computer Card Tops
  • 2 machine screws
  • 2 Nuts

Card Case Mk 2

New Card Case Top

This a picture of the latest 4 machine screw design, which is all printed by the 3D printer. This is stronger and has now replaced the 2 machine screw design.

New Card Case Top

This ensures that the 38 connections are made giving greater reliability. Initial results from users are encouraging. If you are experiencing this issue, consider changing the case.

The Cambridge Computer cards two chamfered corners need filing down by about 1mm to allow the cards to fit in the new case.  This won't compromise any of the circuit. The original metal labels should be carefully peeled off and glued to the new case.

Card Case Bottom

1M Flash with LED

3D Printer Details

We are indebted to Martin Roberts for the 3D Printer Design that he did for the Community.

If you have a 3D printer, download
the program and designs from the Z88 Internet Links. on the right - under OpenSCAD and Z88 3D Printer Card Details. This is his original design not the improved design shown on this page.

Card Case and Machine Screws

Note: The case is supplied as two parts of the new case connected with four machine screws. The four nuts are embedded in the bottom half.

This picture shows the two halves which are then screwed together with the PCB (not supplied) in the middle.

If you print your own, we can supply the following:
  • 4 machine screws
  • 4 nuts
(Prices in the table below).

Card Case Top & Bolts

Replace Card Case

Alternatively, we are offering a service to replace the case on your Z88 cards be it
  • RAM
  • Flash and update OZ software
  • Or EPROM Cards
Return your card today with £30 which includes UK Royal Mail Signed For® 2nd Class & VAT

On the other hand, if you are not experiencing problems, you could just
  • order a new Flash card.
These have the latest case and software fitted as standard. Erase your existing flash card and use it to store extra files.

PCB (Blank)

Blank PCB Board

PCB Circuit

Some users wish to use the 1M 512K PCB to use for their own Z88 project.

These are suppled as a bare board with a copy of the circuit. Surface mount components can be difficult to solder.

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Z88 Hardware
Description Price VAT Total
Cable - Printer (Parallel) £34.00 £6.80 £40.80
Cable - Printer (Serial) £5.00 £1.00 £6.00
NewZ88 Dummy EPROM Case
(Erase DIL EPROMS Using The Z88 ERASER)
NewCard Case
NewPCB (Blank)
£7.00 £1.40 £8.40
Carrying case NONE LEFT
Flash EPROM (1M) £45.83 £9.17 £55.00

NewFlash EPROM (1M) LED Upgrade




Flash EPROM (512K) / 512K RAM

£49.17 £9.83 £59.00
EPROM Card (32K)
EPROM Card (128K) £25.00 £5.00 £30.00
EPROM Card (256K) £49.17 £9.83 £59.00
Rubber Keyboard Mat
NO UK Version LEFT only foreign.
Keyboard Membrane
Mains Adapter (220v) £8.95 £1.79 £10.74
Modem 300/1200-software & cable


Modem Cable?
£10.00 £2.00 £12.00
Power Supply (90-264v)


RAM pack (1M) (low power)
RAM pack (1M) (CC)
£40.83 £8.17 £49.00
RAM pack (512K) £37.50 £7.50 £45.00
RAM pack (128K) £20.83 £4.17 £25.00
Cambridge Topper - Heavy Duty Version 


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Card Case Mk 2

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Z88 3D Printer Card Details

Z88-development 2003

Project: Z88 Development: Summary

Z88 Developers' Notes V4.3


Keith Korner

Colin Parsons (RIP)
Z88 Page (Archived)

Computer Classic Games Server including Z88 files (Archived) [GONE]

Matthew Soar Home Page

FWDcomputing on the Z88 and QL [GONE]

Dominic Morris Z88 Projects

Dennis Gröning - Cambridge Z88 [ image: nothing]


Use Graphics on your Z88 with the BBC BASIC Patch

Run Acorn software on your PC[ image: nothing]

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Z88 Extra Internet Links

Search for discontinued INTEL Flash chip

Designing a Single Socket Solution for
AMD’s Am29F080 and Intel’s 28F008SA

Picture of an AMD chip

Spec sheet for the latest AMD Flash chip

Search for AMD Flash chip


STMicrosystems Datasheet was going to replace the AMD chip

Rakewell Limited is not responsible for the content of these internet sites.

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  We ship to other countries - USA - Hong Kong - Europe
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Company Details
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Vic Gerhardi

Rakewell Limited
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t:   +44 (0) 1296 632491
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h: 10:00-20:00 Monday to Friday
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Banking Details

PO Box 10102
21 Prescot Street
E1 8TN
Name Rakewell Ltd
Bank Code  
Account No, 41866977

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is
GB27 ABBY 0906 6641 8669 77

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