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Saturday, 04-Apr-2020 14:59:53 BST

Z88 Software

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FLASH Card Software Information

New Z88 Card Case

Z88 card showing fixingWhen Cambridge Computer manufactured the Card Case, they used a mechanical press to squash the top of the 4 plastic pins that held it all together. This was a cost-effective way, but not necessarily the best solution. The Flash cards supplied later used small self tapping screws. These worked well but occasionally failed leading to “The external card problem.”

An enterprising Z88 User has designed a stronger case using nuts and bolts. These are at the connector end replacing 2 of the pins, preventing the card from coming apart. This ensures that the 38 connections are made giving greater reliability. Initial tests are encouraging. If you are one of those users that experience this issue, consider changing the case.

Note: The case supplied is fully closed.This picture is used to illustrate the way the two halves are bolted together.

If you have a 3D printer download the design from here.

Alternatively, we are offering a service to replace the case on your Z88 cards be it

  • RAM
  • Flash and update OZ software
  • Or EPROM Cards

Return your card today with £30 which includes UK Royal Mail Signed For® 2nd Class & VAT

Note: All cards that have been returned for a new case to date have been found to be faulty. It may be more cost effective just to get another Flash card.

Printed Card Case

Card case with no labels

On the other hand, if you are not experiencing problems, you could just to order a new Flash card. These have the latest case and software fitted as standard. Erase your existing flash card and use it to store extra files.

OZ Upgrade

For full details of the features and changes for OZ, please follow this link to the wiki site.
This can be updated using the wiki, or we can do it for you.

Decoder card upgrade - No longer relevant - for information only

Software testing

OZ 4.6.2 introduced several new features like installing an application in RAM. Whereas in the past, running applications like Flashstore or Pipedream in the 512K/512K Flash/RAM card worked well, it was thought that the intensive switching between the RAM and Flash areas in the same slot failed. The decoder in the standard card was thought to be fast enough. This was true. The decoder card upgrade to increase the speed in selecting the RAM and Flash chip made no difference. It was already working fast enough.

When the 512K/512 Flash Turbo/RAM card was tested with OZ 4.7 it did not solve the issue.

The problem was with the external cards as OZ 4.7 ran faultlessly with the internal Flash and RAM chip upgrade.

This was solved using the new card cases which ensured that all the 38 connectors to the external card were made. See above. Now users can upgrade to the latest version with reliability not seen before for the Z88, even with Cambridge Computers own range of EPROMs and RAMs.

512K Card with new decoder card

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FLASH Card Software Information

There are two versions of software available for either the 1M and 512K Flash cards.

These are

  • OZ 3.00 with Eazylink 5.1 - Save files directly to the Flash card
  • OZ 4.7 - runs the latest version of OZ without modifying the Z88
The software supplied with OZ 3.0 includes Garry Lancaster's Forever compilation and the ZIP Utilities ROM. Some applications do not work correctly with OZ 4.7 as they were specifically designed to work with v3.00 and below. This is why there are two versions.

In 2010

The 1M Flash card was redesigned to use the physically smaller size chip size allowing  1M Flash, 1M RAM - (low power) and 512K RAM/512K Flash cards to be offered from the same Printed Circuit Board.

Different array of RAM and EPROM packs

Everything in just one Card
(if you wish)

In the past you would have put your RAM in Slot 1, any extra applications in ROM in Slot 2 leaving Slot 3 for the EPROM to save files.

Diagram showing how one card can replace 4 slots

Flashstore & Software Supplied

Flashstore (which is required to read and write files to the flash card) is a 16K Application. The minimum amount of space for applications on the flash card is 64K. Other useful Applications have been added to use up the spare space.

Planning to use 2 or more Flash cards

click here for more information.

See Application 2006 for even MORE applications!

When upgrading to OZ 4.7, you leave the original OZ and RAM in the Z88. Plug in the 512K Flash/RAM or 1M Flash in Slot 1, do a HARD RESET and your Z88 will run OZ from Slot 1.

Using the 512K Flash/RAM Card allows you to run OZ, Additional Applications, Save files to the file area and have extra RAM all in the one card. This leaves 2 free slots for other cards.


The amount of space you have left for saving files is shown in the table below. It is dependant on the size of the card and whether OZ 4.2 or above is supplied.


OZ 3.00

OZ 4.7

With additional Applications

1M 960K 768K
512K 448K 256K

Please read this complete section before specifying which version you want when ordering:-

OZ v4.2

After a period of around several years the Z88 development team bring you a long awaited new version of OZ, the Z88's operating system.

For full details of the features and changes for OZ, please follow this link to the wiki site.

Using the 1M or 512K flash card, no modifications need to be made to your existing Z88 Computer, just plug the flash card in slot 1, your memory card in slot 2, do a HARD RESET and you are off with the new version. Two additional applications are included. These are Flashstore and Eazylink (just the Z88 application. The PC program still needs to be purchased if required).
nothing For further details about this on-going development just give us a call for a chat!

We will supply either version for no extra charge.
Providing you have a Z88 with at least 256K of memory and a flash card you can download and install it yourself. Click here to go to 

There are a number of applications that will not run under OZ 4.2 or above. These are all of RANGER applications and those that patch directly into OZ 3.0.
These applications are marked with
does not run with OZ 4.2

1M Flash EPROM
[Original 1M INTEL Flash Card] Replaces lots of EPROMs
Works like a charm! I am very impressed - I love the Z88 and with 1 MB to play with as well as easy erasing, I am very happy. I now have a problem though - what to do with my old EPROM!

Sean Kelly 28-08-2000

Just one of the comments from our users about the 1M Flash Card pack when it just came out in 1997 (For more comments - see the Reviews section).

This is a high-capacity low priced storage card that fits either into any slot on the Z88. Just like the old EPROM packs it does not lose its data when it is removed or if power is lost from the Z88.

There are two versions of the flash card available.

1. OZ 3.00 Version - which is used with the standard Z88 with Eazylink 5.1
2. OZ 4.7 Version - which has the same applications as above and OZ 4.7.

The highlighted applications mark the range supplied on the Z88 with each version of OZ.

NOTE: References to OZ 4.3 should now be OZ 4.7.

OZ 4.3 and Eazylink 5.1
OZ 4.3 and above or Eazylink 5.1 Upgrade

These updates attract an extra cost. Users may return their Flash cards with their remittance and postage (currently £36 inc VAT).
NOTE: Files on an
INTEL Flash Card can only be written to when the card is in slot 3. OZ 4.2 or 3 only runs in Slot 1. If the card is used in slot 1 or 2, the files will be 'read-only.'
  • Save or Fetch files directly to the Flash card with this Eazylink upgrade.
  • Avoid using RAM space just as a bridge between the two.
  • The file areas look like RAM and are labeled :EPR.1, :EPR.2 and :EPR.3 depending which slot is used.
  • The software on the PC remains unaltered.

View in Eazylink
The PC display will just show the Flash File Area as :EPR.x
Left hand view of the Eazylink display

When using these updates the view in Eazylink will display any formatted file areas and their contents on the Flash card.

By marking the files, they can be transferred to the PC just as if they were in  RAM.

Right hand view of the Eazylink display

If Eazylink displays its version number in the left-hand bottom corner, it can read / write to the flash file area directly.
Upgraded Eazylink Version Number in lh bottom corner.

PipeDream Help added

Click here to see a small movie of the HELP added.
Main PipeDream HELP page

Untitled Document

The applications are:-

OZ 3.00 Version
OZ 4.2 Version
Application header

Application header

Top of Main screen

Top of main screen

Bottom of main screen






EP-Fetch 2

EP-Fetch 2







Z88 Chess










To read more about the applications supplied, click on the names below.

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Z88 Hardware
Description Price VAT Total
Cable - Printer (Parallel) £34.00 £6.80 £40.80
Cable - Printer (Serial) £5.00 £1.00 £6.00
Carrying case £6.95 £1.39 £8.34
Flash EPROM (1M) £45.83 £9.17 £55.00

Flash EPROM (512K) / 512K RAM

£49.17 £9.83 £59.00
EPROM Eraser
EPROM pack (128K) £25.00 £5.00 £30.00
EPROM pack (256K) £49.17 £9.83 £59.00
Mains Adapter (220v) £8.95 £1.79 £10.74
Modem 300/1200-software & cable £25.00 £5.00 £30.00
Modem £10.00 £2.00 £12.00
Power Supply (90-264v) £12.50 £2.50 £15.00
RAM pack (1M) (low power)
RAM pack (1M) (CC)
£40.83 £8.17 £49.00
RAM pack (512K)£37.50£7.50£45.00
RAM pack (128K) £20.83 £4.17 £25.00
Topper - Heavy Duty Version Out of Stock

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Z88 Computer Links & OZ 4.7 upgrade *
Description Price VAT Total
PC AT 9/25 way Serial Cable £7.50 £1.50 £9.00
PC AT 9/9 way Serial Cable £12.50 £2.50 £15.00
PC-Link 2 (Cambridge) £29.17 £5.83 £35.00
* EazyLink or OZ 4.7 upgrade £25.00 £5.00 £30.00
PC Link 2 to EazyLink upgrade (ROM only for MAC users) £8.33 £1.67 £10.00
MAC Link or PC-Link 2 ROM only (Cambridge) £20.00 £4.00 £24.00

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